• Do you want exceptional energy? 
  • ​ Do you want a laser-focused mind with crystal clear clarity?
  • ​ Do you want better confidence?
  • ​ ​Do you want better sex?
When you invest in your health, you CREATE high performance. With High Performance Living 360, learn the strategies you need to function in a state of excellence. Live in the top 1% ... 

High Performance is ultimately living your best life.
We are all here in this life striving for excellence, right? 

How can I have even more energy to operate at my highest level? 

How do I have even better clarity and focus to make smarter, faster decisions? 

How can I perform even better in the bedroom? 

How can I live my best life now? 
The answer:  
When you invest in your health, you create HIGH PERFORMANCE.

Imagine what’s possible when you finally unlock and access that other 60%. Imagine what you could do. Imagine what you could become. Join us!

What to Expect from High Performance Living 360

  • 12-Week Health Optimization Program
12-week interactive program with tools, guidance, and strategies on mindset, habits, stress, nutrition, fitness, toxins, wearable tech, data, peptides, lab testing, genetics, supplements, and more.
  • HPL360 Assessment & Performance Health Score
Learn the metrics of high performance, and learn the hidden blinds spots holding back your performance that you can track and correct.
  • Community Performance Challenge with Monthly Prizes
Members can take advantage of team challenges to grow, enjoy support and enjoy friendly competition. Take your performance up a level!
  • Tech Tracking Stack
You'll receive HRV wearable tech, a digital body composition scale, and guidance on how to interpret your data.
  • 6 Group Training Calls 
You'll be guided by industry experts every step of the way.
  • VIP Access to the High Performance Health Conference
This 2-day event created by Gapin Institute provides the the cutting-edge, data-driven approaches you need to optimize your brain and body for peak performance.!
  • Private Consult with Medical Team 
30 min consult with the Gapin Institute medical team to review your  Performance Score and your progress
  • Free Copy of Dr. Gapin's Best-Selling Book Male 2.0
Male 2.0 focuses on the cutting-edge age management tools you need to live longer and stronger. Upgrade your performance, supercharge your vitality, and become unstoppable. 
  • Free Copy of the Ultimate Peptide Guide
Peptide therapy is an amazing, cutting-edge approach to upgrading your health and improving performance in all areas of your life. Discover how peptides can help you lose weight, build muscle, reduce inflammation, recover from injury, and so much more.

Creating High Performance Health

I created High Performance Living 360 because I believe that the success you achieve in every area of your life starts and ends with your health. 

High Performance is not just about being stronger, faster, smarter. And it’s not even about just being better. High Performance is about living in a state of excellence, being in the top 1%. Where you operate at your highest potential, with crystal clear clarity and focus, unshakeable confidence, and unparalleled purpose, power, and productivity. High Performance ultimately means living your best life. 
 Join us!

high performance living 360

Join the HPL360 Community & Elevate Your Game!

Take control of your health and your life. You have the power to live your best life. You have the power to decide:

Will you have the energy, focus, and confidence you want? 
Will you have achieve high performance? 
Will you live your best life? 

Step up to discover your high performance potential. 
Join us at High Performance Living 360 - Powered by Gapin Institute



  • We believe in precision, intention and action. Gain insight to what high performers do daily. You’ll have the opportunity to get a personalized high performance plan. We put YOU in the drivers seat of your health and performance.


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Hear what others say...

Andrew C.

Wealth Advisor Executive

“I was tired of being pitched boilerplate diet and exercise strategies. I wanted a customized solution. Gapin Institute's approach delivered a finely tuned regimen of diet, exercise, supplements and peptides. Results? I lost 30 pounds, don’t ache every morning, and I sleep better! These strategic steps took me to a whole new level of high performance - at home and at work.”

JJ Virgin

NYT Bestselling Author of The Virgin Diet

“Gapin Institute is the #1 place I recommend  to every entrepreneur ready to take their health and performance to the next level. The top 1% of high performers understand this critical connection between high performance health and high performance results. I highly recommend High Performance Living 360.

Jerry G.


"I am now 71, but people are telling me I look 50 and I truly feel better than I did at 50. My feeling of energy, cognitive clarity, and vitality. And all in important ways that I didn’t have before the performance program at Gapin Institute. I lost 20 lbs over six months and I lost 3 inches off my waist. My exercise tolerance has improved significantly and helped me in my Pickle Ball game— I highly recommend the Gapin Institute experience.”

High Performance Health with a Precision Race Car Driver

"High performance health and wearable technology can improve racing performance. Gapin Institute helped me change my health and training regimen including my race-day approach. It improved my personal and professional life."

~ Marko Radišić, Professional Race Car Driver

Dr. Gapin is board certified by the American Board of Urology and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Gapin is a world-renowned health and performance expert and the founder of the Gapin Institute for High Performance Health. 

He’s a thought leader, a professional speaker, and the author of the best-selling books Male 2.0 and Codes of Longevity. 

His passion and purpose is providing Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and athletes a personalized path to more energy, more brain power and focus, and even better sex. 

He’s the creator of the Gapin Institute for High Performance Medicine, High Performance Living 360 and the High Performance Health Conference that provide the cutting-edge, data-driven approaches you need to optimize your brain and body for peak performance.

Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS
High Performance Medicine Expert
Founder of the Gapin Institute
#1 Best-Selling Author

As seen on:

Your Medical Experts:

Men's hormones & health expert, MMS PA-C, MED

Mike Menza

Mike is a national board-certified Physician Assistant (PA) with over 5 years specialization in men’s health and hormone optimization.  Before joining the Gapin Institute, Mike operated the highest rated primary care location in Austin, Texas.  Mike has also completed elective rotations in both medical and aesthetic dermatology and a special rotation working with the Broward County Medical Examiner as a medical expert at accident and crime scenes.  Mike attained a Masters in Education from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia before beginning his career in medicine.  He is passionate about practicing evidence-based medicine and utilizing his education background to help his patients understand the “why”, not just the “what”.

Women's health & hormones expert

Karen Gruber, APRN

Karen is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN) in the state of Florida since 2009. Prior to ARNP status, Karen was a registered nurse for 18 years. Karen’s diverse professional experience has focused on aesthetics, integrative and functional medicines, hormone optimization, anti-aging therapies, critical care and cardiothoracic intensive care. Karen has developed and implemented the IV infusion care plan such as IV Stem Cells, Ultraviolet Light Therapy, Chelation, Myers Cocktail, Silver Hydrosol, Hydrogen Peroxide and other specialized formulations to meet patient specific needs.

Your Health & Performance Coaches:

functional medicine certified health coach

Carolyn Nicholas

Prior to getting into Functional Medicine, Carolyn worked in the corporate world for one of the largest global asset management companies based in Los Angeles before relocating to London, UK. After her own mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Carolyn realized the importance of preventing dis-ease and utilizing food as medicine and became determined to help others achieve the best version of themselves through lifestyle changes. Carolyn has previously worked alongside Functional Medicine practitioners in the UK and as a Noom health coach where she helped to guide, support and empower thousands of people on every step of their health journey.

Functional Medicine certified health coach

Derrick Mason

Derrick has been a teacher, coach, and mental health therapist throughout his 20+ year professional career. He focuses on helping couples repair their relationships and create the healthiest, most fulfilling connections possible. Derrick has also been a CrossFit coach since 2012, and brings the unique ability to address physical, emotional, and spiritual struggles to empower his clients to create true holistic wellness for themselves. Outdoor enthusiast.

certified epigenetic coach

Arielle Unger

Arielle Unger is a certified Epigenetic Coach who has been working to optimize health through a genetic lens for several years. She graduated in 2007 from Arizona State University summa cum laude with a BA in psychology. After her husband got diagnosed with stage IV cancer at the age of 25 she took a deep dive into researching health and wellness, which eventually led her down the road to individualized health and epigenetics. Knowing her bent for health research, friends and family would come to her for advice and although growing up she always loved nutrition, she knew she did not agree with the conventional methods and direction of the “one-size fits all” model. This indirect journey eventually led her to find the functional approach to overall health. 

fitness & performance expert

Graham Anderson

Strength And Conditioning Coach Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Team Building, Training, Operant Conditioning, Strength Training, and Exercise Physiology. Master’s degree focused in Exercise Science from University of South Florida.

high performance living 360

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Upgrade your health. Upgrade your life. You have the power to live your best life. 

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  • We believe in precision, intention and action. Gain insight to what high performers do daily. You’ll have the opportunity to get a personalized high performance plan. We put YOU in the drivers seat of your health and performance.

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